Damajagua Waterfalls Tour

8 Hours | Transportation | Tour Guide | Drinks | Meals

Quick Details

Duration: 8 Hours

Whats Included?

  • Buffet lunch
  • Experienced guides
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Water and soft drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • Transport by safari truck


  • Damajagua Falls burgeons across the Cordillera Septentrional, a rare treasure laboriously carved by Mother Nature’s divine mallet. Fascinating waterfalls and refreshing crystal-clear water natural pools.
  • Maneuver across an interpretative hiking trail. Journey off the beaten track, exploring its one of a kind wildlife as you approach the twelfth pool.
  • Experience the bounties of striking landscapes immersed in profuse tropical forests. Breathe a sense of calmness in the midst of lavish vegetation.
  • Glide through, bounce and jump off natural waterslides.
  • Plunge into a natural swimming pool, douse in a paradisiac atmosphere.
  • After eating a delicious buffet lunch, we will make good use our time left to attend a local public market to purchase souvenirs. Forever keep memories of this escapade.


  • Must sign Liability Waiver.
  • The minimum age to participate in this tour is 8years old.

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Dominican Republic Waterfalls Tour

An unforgettable ecological experience begins at a fleeting pace, where the confluence and cadence of Damajagua’s waters entice visitors to immerse themselves in them. Experience 12 refreshing waterfalls, carved in limestone.

What To Expect

An adventure not for the faint of heart! Cast out on an excursion in the middle of a tropical forest, nestled between the rolling hills of the Cordillera Septentrional, a singular treasure is stifled.

Why Choose Runners Adventures?

The most popular tour in Puerto Plata ideal for visitors who wish to be in communion with this environment, while rejoicing in an adventure-packed day.

Fun Tour and Activity

We did the waterfalls with Dan Marino as well as the zip line and monkey jungle with Frank de la Cruz. They were really good and we all had a blast. Definitely a good time. Recommending to everyone!!” –auwahwong | Nov 4 2018     Read this review on Trip Advisor


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  • Our journey begins after we hop on the back of a comfortable safari-style truck, where a team of experienced tour guides and drivers eager await your arrival. Following a short security briefing, we will get ready to glide across natural water springs, bathing in the depths of heavenly-pared caves. Examine an extensive tunnel labyrinth, mired amid caves and chutes overflowing in the middle of invigorating waterfalls reaching 13 feet in height; a large canyon is in a standstill in the background.

    Somersault with the gracility of aquatic birds, as experienced tourist guide keep a watchful eye on you. Making our way through the twelfth pond, we come upon an interpretative trail where one comes face to face with a lavish natural habitat. Will cross a prolific tropical forest, where an embracing wildlife beckons to be discovered. As you continue to level yourself, leap headfirst swimming crossways sliding down natural water slides. Explore its unpredictable falls, such as “La Virgen” and “La Tinajita”. “La Virgen” cascade holds myriad Taino legends.

    Inclement weather conditions have, over time, caused its effigy to plummet, nonetheless a chute has endured the test of time. Kindred stones guard what one was a hut inhabited by the land’s indigenous forebearers. After devouring a delicious typical buffet-style lunch, we will head towards the small town of Imbert, where we will visit a local market. Purchase artisan products and crafts bearing a distinct Dominican hallmark. Be sure to take a few back home, so you may share them with your loved ones.

  • Chevron down Restrictions
    • Pregnant women cannot take part in this tour.
    • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
    • People with disability and/or mobility problems cannot take part in this tour.
    • Not recommended for people with back problems.
    • Direct bookings from cruise line passengers are not accepted. Please book our tours with your cruise line.